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Casting Couch Simeowlator___What is it?

General / 11 November 2019

Title; Casting Couch Simeowlator

 Overview: You finally get your dream job as a pornography director, now it is time to find some actor that can make you some bucks. 

Game Experience: This is a point and clicks game in the genre of visual novels. You will be given choice during dialogue, the goal of the game is to make a good casting couch video. However, the player will soon realize that the game is extremely self-aware about what it is doing. Breaking the fourth wall is allowed and preferred. The game will be short but with some replayability and is made to be used by streamers. 

Number of Players: 1 or more act as one. 

Game Concept: Combining the two most popular genres on the internet: Porn and cat and create the new hit genre: Cat Porn! With a dash of sexism, anime, furry,  Kpop, and flat earther to create half-hour of laughs and tears. 

Game Theme: Just your good old neighborhood pornography. Dating Sim. 

Target Audience: Adult over 18 with a sense of humor. 


Goal: Make a successful cast couch porn, sign a contract, and show how sexy and fuckable your actor is. Do not piss off your actor, and be alive.

Rules: No penetration, No racism or specism, No violence. Do anything the game allowed you to do. Fair Gameplay. 

Mechanics: Point and click, drag and drop

Pieces: Cats + animations, Room + interior. 

Game: Caterday _fall 2018

General / 18 February 2019

Game link:

A anti-Dating Sim about my own experience of online dating made with Gamemaker. 

Game Design Doc:


A anti-Dating Sim about my own experience of online dating made with Gamemaker.